alien dolls

Small Greys - OOAK Handmade Fabric Alien Art Dolls

From the far away stars, and also here on earth ... recreated in my sewing room.

the greys, grey aliens figures as fiber art dolls

GR Dolls are all handmade cloth dolls as recreations of small grey aliens.
The grey Zeta Riticulan species, to be more specific
This particular species are cloned, here on earth. Hence, no bellybutton.
In fact, GR Dolls are bred from a long line of small greys, residing here on earth for many generations.

small grey alien art doll, alien dolls
GR-Workers are the small grey aliens.
You know, the guys sent out to handle the hands-on labor,
and of course, many of the alien abductions.

I promised the Grey Worker Dolls I would relay this message;
"Grey Aliens are unfairly blamed for too many of the human abductions."
Hmmm... doesn't that make you feel better?

These cloth dolls are clones in many ways, being very similar copies of each other.
However, as they are handmade, each one is unique,
with minor variations in height and facial features. And attitude.

Each small grey alien worker doll has wire armature,
so they may be posed or positioned.

Also, they have extra long fingers, which can be easily trimmed if you prefer.

GR Alien Worker dolls are approximately 11 inches,
(30 cm) in height, ranging fro 10.25 - 11.50 inches.
Dolls are approximately 3.5 inches (9 cm) width.

These are handmade fabric dolls, as a fiber art display item.
This doll is not a child's toy.

Some of these small grey alien dolls are still available for purchase.

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Grey Aliens from underground ET bases, Fiber Art Dolls   Grey Aliens, waiting and watching for UFOs, recreated as cloth dolls
Grey Alien Dolls - Workers
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'out of this world' grey alien visitor as cloth figure, handmade doll, with dark wig and custom knit scarf

Grey Alien Ted comes and goes at will.
Disappearing and reappearing, with no plausible explanation.
Truth be told, more than once I have caught him in a lie.

He is just a natural born politician, regardless of which planet.
What can I say?
Has anyone else ever met a very self-important politicial?
Someone that thinks he can sidestep all basic rules whenever it suits him,
and that any simple hairpiece will completely disguise his identity?
When he is wearing his dark wig, he is sure no one will recognize him.

However, Grey Alien Ted is not really disguised as well as he thinks.
And his circle of Yes Men are not about to speak honestly.

His dark, curly wig is not attached, in case you want to remove it.
Like the handknit, textured scarf.

Grey-Ted is 11 inches in height, and his loyalties can be bought.

Purchase Information:

Price $

Available for purchase at: :

GR-Jay small grey alien returned to his underground base, as a dollGR-Nelson
No longer available
small grey alien returned to underground desert base, as an art doll

No longer available
Small grey alien GR Al
No longer available

All GR Dolls are handmade, and all are original SadieJane

Any questions??? Send me an email, and just ask.

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*Please note:
All handmade dolls, items, and /or crafts shown on this website, or made by SadieJane,
are intended as fiber art decorative items, for use by adults only.
These are not toys, and these are not safe for use by children age 12 and under. 

**Per California Requirement: All metal and wire parts contain no lead.

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