alien dolls ... Handmade Fabric Art Alien Dolls
From the far away stars, and also here on earth ... recreated in my sewing room.
photo of small grey alien figures - aka The Grays,  real alien dolls
The Greys are here! OH Yes !!! Those very same small grey alien visitors that main stream media ignores.
Grey Aliens figures as wire and cloth, handmade art dolls. OOAK Alien stuffed cloth dolls.
Lots more Grey Alien Art Doll Figures - Small Grey Alien Dolls - photos and information 
Or ... Grey Alien Dolls:   Purchase Here
alien doll
PK Aggy
is handmade cloth doll of a hybrid alien,
and she has heritage similar to PK Haylee and PK Asena.

PK Aggy wants to be loved for her sweet caring soul, not her pretty face.
And she still prefers galaxy style clothing, rather than our earthly look.

More alien hybrid photos and information - PK Aggy alien doll.

PK Aggy is available for purchase.

alien doll
PK Asena
is handmade cloth doll of a hybrid alien, and a sister to PK Haylee.
Same mixed Alhoo blended heritage, same family, very different personalities.
Isn't that always the way?

PK Asena can be serious at times,
but is very easy going --- as long as you do not pressure her.
My advice is to just let her be, and then she is a pleasure to be around.

More alien hybrid photos and information - PK Asena alien doll.

PK Asena is available for purchase.

PK hybrid Babs
PK Tilly is handmade cloth doll of a hybrid alien,
and she is still in that decision-making stage of growing up.
She does have a lot on her mind at the current time.

PK Tilly is quite an avid people-watcher.
Sometimes she has been accused of rude staring,
but it is just her innocent, intense interest.

More alien hybrid photos and information - PK Tilly alien hybrid doll.

PK Tilly is available for purchase.

   PK Alien Doll Archives:  Photos of PK hybrid alien dolls that visited here previously.
 Yep, these little darlings are no longer available for purchase.
PK babs alien hybrid hand made doll
PK Babs
hybrid alien doll
PK Haylee alien human hybrid hand made doll
PK Haylee
hybrid alien doll

alien dolls Babs, Haylee, and Asena pose for photo op.
Human / Nordic Alien Hybrid dolls, PK Babs, PK Hayley, and PK Asena.
These three PK gals wanted a nice group photo, before they go their separate ways.
In addition, some gray aliens, and more hybrid friends are
also expected to arrive .. soon. PLEASE - stop back later.
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Please note:
All handmade dolls, items, and /or crafts shown on this website, or made by SadieJane,
are intended as fiber art decorative items, for use by adults only.
These are not toys, and these are not safe for use by children age 12 and under.  

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